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Monday 03/28:  PPPL, Gottlieb Auditorium

08:30am-08:50amWelcome session and opening remarks by Stewart Prager  [video] 
08:50am-09:10amMark Herrmann, Challenges and opportunities in high energy density physics [pptx]  [video] 
09:10am-09:30amPaul Bonoli, The unsolved problem of the ubiquitous spectral gap in lower hybrid current drive [pdf]  [video] 
09:30am-10:00amCoffee break
10:00am-10:20amLuis Silva, Challenges in plasma physics at ultra high field intensities [pdf]  [video] 
10:20am-10:40amPredhiman Kaw, Thermodynamic approach to far from equilibrium nonlinear systems [pptx]  [video] 
10:40am-11:00amPaul Corkum, Ionization in atomic and solid state physics [pptx]  [video] 
11:00am-11:50am🎓 Alumni talks:
  Robert Dewar, Some Princeton memes [pdf]  [video] 
  Alain Brizard  [video] 
  William Dorland, Irreversible changes to the plasma physics graduate program  [video] 
  John Wright, A core to edge model for radio frequency simulations in tokamaks [pdf]  [video] 
11:50am-12:10pmAlexander Schekochihin, Solved and unsolved problems in plasma dynamo [pdf]  [video] 
12:10pm-12:30pmRiccardo Betti, The most unsolved problem in plasma physics: demonstrating a burning plasma in the laboratory [pdf]  [video] 
02:00pm-02:20pmPhilip Snyder, Pedestals and thinking outside the box [pdf]
02:20pm-02:40pmThomas Antonsen, Synchronization: what can a plasma physicist say about generic collective behavior [pdf]  [video] 
02:40pm-03:00pmGennady Shvets, New and emerging concepts in laser-plasma acceleration [pdf]
03:00pm-03:30pm🎓 Alumni talks:
  Jong-Kyu Park, Kinetic energy principle since Newcomb  [video] 
  Paul Schmit, Magnetized liner inertial fusion (MagLIF) research on Sandia's Z pulsed power facility  [video] 
  Michael Campanell, Plasma-surface interaction with strong electron emission – a new solution to an old problem  [video] 
  Joshua Burby, Who sits between Darwin and Maxwell?
03:30pm-04:00pmCoffee break
04:00pm-04:20pmJean-Marcel Rax, Resonances and rotation in plasmas [pdf]  [video] 
04:20pm-04:40pmDennis Whyte, Plasma-material interactions and RF sustainment for steady-state tokamaks [pdf]  [video] 
04:40pm-05:00pmRush Holt  [video] 
06:00pm-07:30pmReceptionChancellor Green, Rotunda

Tuesday 03/29:  Andlinger Center, Maeder Hall

08:30am-08:40amEmily Carter, Welcome to the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment  [video] 
08:40am-09:00amAmnon Fruchtman, Fast magnetic field penetration into low resistivity plasma [pdf]  [video] 
09:00am-09:20amDaniela Grasso, Current drive for stabilizing magnetic islands [pdf]  [video] 
09:20am-10:00am🎓 Alumni talks:
  Artem Smirnov, C-2U field reversed configuration experiment at Tri Alpha Energy, Inc. [pdf]  [video] 
  Gregory Hammett, Plasma turbulence in magnetic fusion: what is needed to predict and reduce it? [pdf]  [video] 
  Nikolai Yampolsky, Two-stream instability in electron accelerators [pdf]  [video] 
  Slava Lukin, Curiosity-driven research – an unsolved problem in plasma physics [pdf]
10:00am-10:30amCoffee break
10:30am-10:50amChan Joshi, Solved and unsolved physics issues in realizing a plasma-based future collider
10:50am-11:10amYue Ying Lau & Peng Zhang, Ultrafast and nanoscale diodes [pdf]  [video] 
11:10am-11:30amMargaret Murnane, Science at the timescale of the electron: harnessing the extreme nonlinear optics of high harmonic generation for tabletop coherent x rays
11:30am-11:50amJill Dahlburg, A fresh look at solar coronal heating [pptx]  [video] 
11:50am-12:10pmYitzhak Maron, Experimental investigations of thermal and hydrodynamic motion in High-Energy-Density Plasmas [pdf]  [video] 
01:40pm-02:00pmSteve Cowley, When do tokamaks explode?  [video] 
02:00pm-02:20pmTünde Fülöp, Running away and radiating [pdf]  [video] 
02:20pm-02:40pmJames Glanz, Strong journalism turbulence and four-wave mixing  [video] 
02:40pm-03:10pmCoffee break
03:10pm-03:30pmWilliam Brinkman, Whence US science  [video] 
03:30pm-03:50pmRobert Conn, Philanthropy, science and society [pdf]  [video] 
03:50pm-06:00pm📜 Poster session, Friend Center, Lower Atrium
07:00pm-10:00pmBanquetFrist Campus Center, Multipurpose Room (Level B)

Wednesday 03/30:  PPPL, Gottlieb Auditorium

08:30am-08:50amKenneth Fowler, Spheromaks and how plasmas may explain the ultra high energy cosmic ray mystery [pptx]  [video] 
08:50am-09:10amRobert Rosner, Why compute? [pptx|mpg|mov]
09:10am-09:30amGerard Mourou, Single cycle and exawatt lasers [ppt]
09:30am-10:00amCoffee break
10:00am-10:20amHoward Milchberg, Is there order in the catastrophic collapse of optical beams? [pdf]  [video] 
10:20am-10:40amAmbrogio Fasoli, Basic aspects of fast ion transport in burning plasmas [pptx]  [video] 
10:40am-11:00amJonathan Wurtele, The plasma techniques enabling CPT and gravity tests with antihydrogen [pptx]  [video] 
11:00am-11:20amGuosheng Xu, Understanding the L-H transition in fusion plasmas [pptx]  [video] 
11:20am-11:40amYves Peysson, Advanced Fokker-Planck calculations in complex magnetic topologies [pdf]  [video] 
01:10pm-01:30pmChang Hee Nam, Laser wakefield electron acceleration with PW lasers [pdf]  [video] 
01:30pm-01:50pmBojiang Ding, Challenge in LHCD capability at high density regime [pptx]  [video] 
01:50pm-02:10pmRon Parker, Mechanisms for loss of LHCD efficiency at high density [pdf]  [video] 
02:10pm-02:20pmClosing session
02:40pm-04:40pmPPPL Tour

📖 Book of abstracts

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